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Under reconstructionWe are (still) under reconstruction.

Watch this space for new material and a new look and feel. Meanwhile, we have updated the current site, which is yours to browse and explore.

Four new papers!

Is human-centered design harmful?

In a provocative essay, usability guru Donald Norman stirred controversy in 2005 by questioning human-centered design approaches and calling for designers to focus more on the context of human activity within which use takes place.

Activity Modeling is a breakthrough that helps interaction designers and other design professionals to practice what Norman and others have been preaching. A new paper on activity modeling presents a practical framework for applying activity theory in usage-centered and task-centered design.

Other important new articles:

"Beyond User-Centered Design and User Experience" - "Trusted Interaction" - "Users, Roles, and Personas"


Usage-centered design is a proven, model-driven approach for designing smaller, cheaper, more usable software and Web-based applications.

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